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I have a data from a REST API that has dates like so:
[{ "id": 1, "datetime": "1/20/2018 7:00:54 PM", "value":"100"}, { "id": 2, "datetime": "1/20/2018 7:01:54 PM", "value":"99"}, { "id": 1, "datetime": "1/20/2018 7:02:54 PM", "value":"100"}]
Something like the value every minute.
Question: How can I filter this to show only the every hour or every day value (either average, or just one value)

Thank you!

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    Janice Janczyn


    You can group your data by the hour and average the values. For example, if you have a Table klip, set the columns as follows:

       column 1: point to the datetime field in your datasource 
                        on the Properties tab, ensure Format is set to Date/Time 
                                                                       Input Format is M/d/yyyy h:mm:ss a
                                                                       Display Format is M/d/yyyy h:00 a
                                                            select Group repeating labels

       column 2: point to the value field in your datasource
                        on the Properties tab, set Aggregation to Average

    Please refer to Date/time Formats, for a full set of formats to use when working with date/times.

    Thank you,

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