Facebook Page does not show up in list


when i create a new connector, one of my Facebook pages does not show up in the list.

- My role is administrator (double checked)  and i can access the insights of the page on facebook itself, even create new posts

- I deleted the facebook connected account and created a new one many times

- I tried 3 different browsers with cleared cache

- I checked the API rate limit of the page, which is allright (1% used by another app)

Is there any caching mechanism in Klipfolio that prevents to receive current pages? Or does anybody know if there is a setting in facebook that prevents pages from connecting with external software?

Thank you


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    Daniel Ackermann


    For everybody who has the same problem: It was indeed a personal setting in Facebook, called "business integration" and the specific page was deselected by default. After selecting the page, Klipfolio was able to connect and receive data.

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