Validating users have permissions to view klip before being able to add user to email snapshot.

Why is it that we have quite granular control over whom can see what in klipfolio and a person must be a 'user' before we can add them to a scheduled email, but there are no permission/sharing checks that that user actually is permitted to view the klip that's being emailed to them.

I know once it's emailed out there's no control however having some validation would at least prevent indavertently sending the wrong klip to the wrong person, especially if it's commercially sensitive.

I believe such functionality would be useful to help ensuring scheduled email distribution lists remain accurate.

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Robert! Thank you for this important feedback. At the very least we could surface a warning to the user to manually validate their recipient list to ensure they are only sending to intended recipients. Automatic Validation may be a longer term plan for us here. Thank you for leaving this valuable feedback. I will be sure to reach out when we moved on a strategy for this. 




    Product Manager

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