Ability to trace which dashboards are using a specific data source.

It would be a very big help if a list of dashboards that are currently using the data source is displayed in the data source information and or the klip information.

I have found it very difficult to trace to which dashboard a data source is being used especially when multiple users are creating numerous Klips, Data sources, and Dashboards.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for raising your question!  This is a great scenario about tracing the 'impact' of a specific asset.  The scenario that comes to mind is if you are thinking about editing a data source, being able to quickly understand what may be impacted by the change.

    Is this the same scenario you are facing?  Or do you have another objective in mind?

    Along these lines, we recently released some related functionality.  When looking at the data source info page for an un-modelled data source, there is a new option on the left side to  look at the "Associated Klips".  Given a Klip can then be used on multiple dashboards, this does not yet go all the way to the end of your request.

    I will raise the next step in this impact understanding as a feature request and relate back to this thread for context.  

    Any additional information about what you would like to use this information and what actions or behaviours you would like this to drive would be super helpful!

    Thanks again,


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