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I am a bit confused with Tables. Let's say I have a table which has the col 'Group' with the values Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and the account id - in total, let's say there are 10 account IDs: 5 belong to Group 1; 3, to Group 2; 2, to Group 3. How can I build a table which will show Group in the first column and Account Ids in the 2nd? When I tried to do it, only the first column is not aggregated, while I have no option but to aggregate the 2nd column which I don't need.

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Eka,

    It depends on the structure of your data. If you have a datasource as follows:

         Group1 AccountID1
         Group1 AccountID2
         Group1 AccountID3
         Group2 AccountID4
         Group2 AccountID5

    Then your table columns can simply point to A:A and B:B. Do not group any of the columns. If you aggregate 1 of the columns, the others are automatically aggregated and you have to set the aggregation type (sum, count, first, etc).

    If your data is not structured like this, you may need to use the LOOKUP function to lookup the group associated with each account ID. If you need further help, please provide more details about your datasources.

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