Prevent duplicate links to the same Dashboard in the "open list" on the Homepage

Currently when a user clicks "Open Dashboard" from the dashboard details page (or whatever a page like this is called https://app.klipfolio.com/tabs/view/........) a link to that dashboard is automatically added to the "open list" on the Klipfolio homepage. 

That makes sense, however duplicate links to the same Dashboard are added if the dashboard is already in the "open list". This is confusing and poor UX.

Logic should be added to prevent duplicate links to the same dashboard from being added to the "open list" on the homepage. In this scenario, solving for this by giving users the ability to "Hide from list" after clicking the three dots is dealing with a problem which shouldn't exist.

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Clark, 

    Thank you very much for this feedback. Multiple instances of the same dashboard can exist on your side navigation panel to allow a user to filter the same dashboard according to different criteria. This feature is commonly used by customers who want to track the same dashboard under different date ranges, for example.

    We are aware of the UX implications of this flow and are looking at making some quick improvements that will prevent customers from getting into this state. To start, we want to make it less easy to add a second instance of your dashboard to your side navigation, as it's clear we have many users doing this (it's easy to do - which is a problem). For a long term strategy, we are looking at soft delete to assure no one gets stuck deleting valuable Klipfolio dashboards. Thank you for you patience, I will be in touch soon. 



    (Product Manager)

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