More explicit error messages

Hi Klipfolio,

Would it be possible for you to be more forward or explicit with errors in formulas and other components?

At the moment, everything seems to generate the "the formula returned an error", no matter whether it is because of invalid input, an actual error (typically too many, too few or misplaced parentheses or arguments, or due to the formula timing out.


Particularly the last one is annoying - the formula pretends something is wrong with it, when in fact it's simply because performance is lacking. 

In such a case, letting the user (or at least the editor working on the formula/klip) know that the formula has timed out would be greatly appreciated.


This is particularly aggravating because there's a large discrepancy between what formulas are feasible in the editor and in viewing mode. Some formulas will work just fine in the editor, but not in regular dashboard-mode.


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