autocomplete search function for user input control

Hi Guys and Girls.


We are using klipfolio a lot to properly visualize and compare our the sustainability achievements of our clients. Many more of our clients are starting to use it, this ahs however one downfall that there are to many options in the user input drop down control. 


So here my feature request! Why is it not yet possible to select auto complete search at the user input control? Could you please develop this!


This would make working with klipfolio even better!!!





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    Meggan King

    Hi Reint,

    With our user input controls, you can start typing and the focus should shift to match what you are searching for. If you have a number of entries which all start the same, there would still be some scrolling required, but it should position you closer to your goal. For example, if your user input had Apple, Orange, Banana, Plum, Strawberry and you click the user input and start typing 'pl' it will automatically take you to Plum. 




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