Gauge font Auto adjust for size of Klip

It would be very helpful for gauges for the font size of the target number and final number of the gauge so they don't get cut off if you make the gauge smaller. The font could adjust or text could wrap. This is really pain as we want the gauges to be small and succinct but have to make them much wider because the numbers get cut off. Perhaps this could be set up as an option next to the font size selected (Auto scale font size).


It would also be nice if I could add in text notes to label different targets on the gauge. Right now I am using the Prefix and Suffix fields, but they often have the issue of running outside of the bounds of the gauge (same issue as above).


I have attached examples.


In the first image below, you can see the target and final number on the gauge are being cut off. The text in the table is also getting cut off.


In this image below, the final number on the gauge has the text "2019 Goal" after it, but it is being cut off.


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    Tom Tome

    Yes, this would be very helpful!
    Please consider Klipfolio team :)

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi There! Just wanted to let you know that there is a way to edit font size within the Klip editor!


    We do not have an auto scale option currently, so as a user you will have to do some testing to determine what font size would best represent what the values on the gauge. 

    Thank you, 

    Caileigh (Product Manager)

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    Brandon User

    Thanks Caileigh for this info. I saw that it was possible to change the font size, but, in my opinion, the way this should function is that the Klips in Klipfolio should be completely responsive and there should never be text that doesn't fit as you adjust the screen size. To me, this is a basic user experience function that should be standard and is standard in other systems I've used like Futrli. I find the way Klipfolio handles this very clunky. 

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