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I'm currently using Databox to show Harvest data for all my employees. It's really simple, but I'm looking for a lower-cost alternative.  Klipfolio says that it integrates with Harvest, but after spending an hour trying to set something up it seems its certainly not simple.  Not as simple as dragging some prebuilt Databox widgets across.

Is there any easy way to accomplish this?  Essentially I need:

Time tracked by all employees today

Time tracked by all employees yesterday

Project time this week

Project time this month


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Chris, 

    I suggest you take a look at our prebuilt Harvest klips and Harvest connector which can be used as is or as examples for pulling in and visualizing the data you require. If the prebuilt Harvest klips do not meet your needs, the Connecting Klipfolio and Harvest article describes how to build custom Harvest datasources in Klipfolio and includes a link to the Harvest API documentation which defines how to build the Harvest queries. Harvest has several endpoints; I think the data you want comes from the Time Entries and Projects APIs. Once you have your data, you can then build the klips you need (table, bar/line chart, etc).

    Thank you,

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