Adding a Klip to a shared dashboard should make that Klip available to people who can see the dashboard

I find it extremely frustrating that if I add a new Klip to a dashboard, my users can't see it unless I re-share the dashboard.  Sometimes I'm able to do that just by going and sharing it to the group again (though that does mean changing from edit to view for the group), but sometimes it actually makes me remove the group's permissions and then re-add it, which then requires that I go to the group's dashboard list and change it to "add to dashboard (required)".  If I've already shared the dashboard, and I have the ability to add a new Klip to that dashboard, the users should be able to see the content of the Klip the next time they come to the dashboard.

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Dylan, 


    We are working towards a sharing model similar to what would see on Google Docs. When you add a single doc to a shared folder, it is subject to the share rights and audience of the entire folder. I feel this is exactly what you've outlined above, but the fact that sometimes you are able to re-share with the group again and sometimes you have to remove share rights and re-add seems to be buggy behaviour. If you see this again could you please submit a ticket to our support team?


    The functionality you see currently is our first step towards the Google Docs model. I don't have an exact ETA for you on this feature but wanted to assure you it's on our backlog!


    Thank you, 


    (Product Manager) 

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