Bar/column chart shouldn't show 0 values (or I should be able to tell it not to)

This column chart is based on 3 series, which are colored green, red, and grey.  On the left column, there are no red values, and on the right value there are only grey.  I don't want the chart to display the 0s.  

I can imagine that there might be a time when I do want the zeros to show, though I'm not sure why (since you won't be able to see the color).  Maybe if it weren't stacked, I'd want the 0s to show and the color would be implied by the relative positions as compared to other groups.  If you don't want to just turn off the 0s, please add a 'display zeros' checkbox next to the 'show values' checkbox that is enabled when the 'show values' checkbox is checked.


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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Dylan!

    Thanks for this feedback. One option that should help you get what you want displayed here is replacing the 0 with `blank` and select 'Leave gaps for blank values'.

    Let me know if this is a solution that works for you! If not, we can keep looking. 


    Caileigh (Product Manager) 

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    Dylan Kaufman

    Hi Caileigh,

    I see what you mean... I did this, and it now excludes the 0s:

    IF(<col1> = "Pass", IF (<col2> > 0, <col2>, blank()), blank())

    I guess it seems more logical to me for this to be done using a checkbox in the properties for the series, rather than having to do a function like this...

    It does work, though, so thank you for the tip!


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    Caileigh Simpson

    I'm glad it worked for you! Happy building :) 

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