Allow any chart or table to have hyperlinks

Our main dashboard shows an overview of the activity of a bunch of users.  We want to make all the charts, tables, and labels clickable such that if the user clicks on something it will take them to another dashboard that contains details about what they clicked.

For instance, if they click on a 'completed courses' label that shows the number of courses completed in the last month, they should be taken to a dashboard that has a table of the courses completed in the last month.  I think I may be able to do that, but I haven't gotten it working yet.

On my column charts, I want to be able to click on a column and have it pass the attribute information about the particular column they clicked on to another dashboard; for example, if I have a single-series column chart showing # of courses completed per student, I would want it to go to the student detail page and pass the studentId so that the target page filters to the student they clicked on.  If I have a multi-series chart, say showing per student the # of courses completed, started but not completed, and not started, I would want the target page to be given a parameter indicating which of the 3 series they clicked on, as well as the studentId.

Next, suppose there is a table that shows the name of each student, when they were enrolled, when they last made progress in any course, and how many times they've logged in.  I should be able to give a hyperlink for each column, including values from the current data row as parameters, so if they click the student name, it passes the studentId to an input control while switching over to the 'student details' dashboard; if they click the enrollment date, I may want the user to be sent to a dashboard showing information about who enrolled on that date, and if they click on the # of logins, I may want them to go to a dashboard showing all fo the login records for the student on that record.

Similar behavior will be very useful for most, maybe all, types of Klips that display data.



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    Dylan Kaufman

    OK, I figured out how to do this in a table by changing the student name column, for example, to format as a hyperlink.  With a formula like this, it drills through from my student list to the student detail, and passes the student's ID to the input control in question:


    I am assuming I can do this with other columns but give other dashboard ids.  

    I do not seem to be able to do it on the column charts, however, which implies I may not be able to do it on any graph...

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