Allow hidden user input control to set variable AND other variable enhancements

I have two dashboards that will share some, but not all, Klips.  This means that I need a variable to control what data the shared Klips show, A or B.  If the dashboards had ALL the same Klips, I would just use a user input control and let the user pick A or B (or even All, maybe).  Unfortunately, each of the two dashboards will have some shared Klips and some unique Klips.  That means I don't want the user to pick A or B from the user input control.  Instead, I would like to create two user input controls, one set to A and one set to B, but hidden.  Then I would put the A UIC on dashboard A and the B UIC on dashboard B.  Because they're hidden, the user doesn't have to see the UIC, but the variable will still be set to A or B, as appropriate, so that it can be used to filter data in the shared Klips.

FURTHER to this, it would be even better if it were possible to set a variable ON THE DASHBOARD or on a KLIP ON A DASHBOARD, and if a Klip would IGNORE variables that are not set.  This would allow me to use one Klip for many different filters.  Example: we want to display inactive users 5 times on 3 different dashboards, with different conditions each time:

Dashboard 1: inactive users in a selected group for 30 days

Dashboard 2: inactive users of type A for 30 days AND for 90 days (two displayed Klips)

Dashboard 3: inactive users of type B for 30 days and for 90 days (two displayed Klips)

I want to create a single Klip called Inactive Users.  I want to set it to filter users based on user type and group and the date on the days variable.  On dashboard one, I will NOT set the user type variable, but will include the group user input control; when I put the Klip on dashboard 1, I will be able to tell it to use days = 30.  On dashboard two, I will not include the group UIC and will set the dashboard-level variable 'user type' to A, and when I put the inactive users klip on the dashboard twice, I will be able to tell it to use days = 30 for one and days = 90 for the other.  Finally, on dashboard three, I will leave out the group UIC, set the dashboard-level variable 'user type' to B, and put the inactive user Klip on twice, once with days = 30 and once with days = 90.

This would allow me to have a single Klip to cover all 5 uses.  As it stands today, my choice is to have 5 different Klips and only show the user a group drop-down on one dashboard, or have 3 Klips (one for the group/30, one for type/30 and one for type/90) and put a group UIC on one dashboard, a user type A only UIC on dashboard 2 and a user type B only UIC on dashboard 3.  Effectively, this means I have to choose whether to show users a UIC that doesn't do anything to reduce the number of Klips, or create more Klips to avoid showing a useless UIC.

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