Where reasonable, add 'query' box with test & update buttons on main data source screen


I find it somewhat unwieldy that when I want to change the query for one of my many SQL Server data sources, I have to go into the Reconfigure Connection screen.  It would be much easier if the query were shown to the right of the connection information and had a test button and an update button.  The test button would execute the query and verify that it got a valid tabular result back (I don't even care if it shows me any data, just whether the query was successful) and once I have used the test button and it has come back OK, then the update button will be enabled to allow me to update the query in the configuration.  It can refresh the data at that moment, or queue it for refresh, or not, doesn't really matter to me.  We need to add a new filter condition to most of our queries, and there are a few more steps per data source with the current setup than there would be... 

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    Dylan Kaufman

    Obviously, if I want to change anything about the connection information, such as the server name or the port or what-have-you, I'd still have to go into the reconfigure connection screen.  If I want to see the results of my change, as in the current process, I can go into reconfigure connection as well (hint: I generally write my queries in a query tool and then paste them into the data source, so I already know they work).

    And, also, this may not work well for all data sources... I've only used SQL so far, so some of the other types may really require more UI than is reasonable to add for this purpose... 

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