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We love the sharing features of dashboards etc., but we want to know how frequently the shared links are really looked at. Is there any chance, that one can track how often a certain link has been clicked? Or when embedding klips on another page is there a chance to track it somehow?
Looking forward to your response, thanks in advance!


-- I already submitted this as a ticket and received an answer, which I will share with you here:--

Thank you for reaching out to Klipfolio support! We don't have anything that can track this at the moment but we'd encourage you to submit this as a product/feature request on our community page! This way, other customers can voice their support and increase the likelihood that this gets implemented in the future: https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200368427-Product-Feedback-Feature-Requests 

Another option would be to have your Klips embedded into a website, and then use Google Analytics to track the website stats in Klipfolio.

-- So if you share my opinion, don't hesitate to vote ;) --

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    Andrea Santambrogio

    Why don't you do this via Bit.ly or similar?

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