MAJOR ENHANCEMENT - Arbitrary time range in PowerMetrics Dashboards

One of the major limitations when viewing PowerMetric data is the date picker. It allows only to select dates in the past and within preset ranges (Last 7 Days, Last 28 Days, etc).

Not only this prevents precise data exploration - without clumsy table exports and filters after exporting - but it does not allow to see values in the future, unless you select the "This year" or "This Month" ranges.

We believe the user should be able to explore his data from a time point of view without restrictions, otherwise the whole foundation rationale of the PowerMetric interface becomes for all practical purposes quite useless, and forces us to go back to Klips with variables.

Please consider this a major improvement of the PowerMetric dashboard.

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    Ali Pourshahid


    Thanks a lot for the feedback and using PowerMetrics. We are enhancing the date picker functionality. You'll see more capabilities very soon. 

    Keep the feedback coming, we'd love to hear more. 



    (VP of Engineering)


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