Conditional Pictographs

I'm trying to change a pictograph depending on data. Basically, it will show one pictograph if the number is above another one and another one if it is below it. I've found another thread that says this does seem to be possible, but can't figure out how. All I can see is how to change the colour of the pictograph, not the pictograph itself. 

Here is the thread that seem to say what I'm trying to do is possible (see the Klipfolio employees comment at the end):


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Tim,

    When you first create a Pictograph klip, it has one Image Set. To add a second Image Set, go to the Pictograph Properties tab and click Add Image Set. These 2 image sets will display in a row, one after the other. For details, please see How to Build a Pictograph.

    You can experiment with setting the Image Set values to different numbers to see how it behaves. Then for your scenario, the logic would be something like the following: 

         Image Set 1:  IF( X < 10, X, 0 )
         Image Set 2:  IF( X >= 10, X, 0 )

    This basically says if X < 10, display X of Image Set 1 and 0 of Image Set 2, otherwise (X >= 10), display X of Image Set 2 and 0 of Image Set 1.

    I hope this helps!

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    Tim Wearing

    Got it working. Thanks so much.

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