Disable Adding New Dashboards for View Only Users

I have created what essentially should be a "read only" role which has NO permissions. I want these users to only be able to see the dashboards assigned to their group and not be able to do anything other than look at the information as it has been created.

But they still have access to the Dashboards and Klips menus with the ability to create Klips and Create their own dashboards.

Is there a way to completely turn off the ability?
If not, there really should be! Please!

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    Meggan King

    Hi Jeff,

    You can definitely limit a user to view-only, so they can not create Klips and Dashboards. There is a default role in every account for View-Only. A custom role may have a an option set which you can turn off. 

    Have you seen our document on roles and permissions? It shows what is given to a role and there is also an example of a very restricted role



    If you'd like us to review your set-up, we would be happy to. Please reach out to support@klipfolio.com


    Thank you!


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