=Countif all rows that begins with a specific name

Hi all ūüĎč


Quite new to Klipfolio, and I must say I already hit the wall quite fast. Searched the forum for answers, and couldn't find it.


So made a dataklip to our WooCommerce and wants to pick up all the orders of today who have a order item starting with "Starter kit*" We have many variations of it, such as Starter Kit (12/8/4 week) - black/silver/chrome handle. And we just want to collect all the orders containing a Starter kit.


I tried =countif(@line_items/name="starter kit") and many other functions but couldn't solve it... It's probably a simple thing, but I tried for 2 hours now... ehe..






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    Janice Janczyn

    Welcome to Klipfolio, Michael!

    There's definitely a learning curve, but practice is the best way to learn. We have a lot of functions including text manipulation functions. Here I use the LEFT function to return the leftmost 11 characters in the data and the LOWER function to convert the data to all lower case so I can compare with "starter kit" without worrying about matching case.

         COUNTIF( LOWER( LEFT( @/line_items/name, 11) ) = "starter kit" )   

    Note that we do not use the = sign prefixed to the start of our formulas. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact support@klipfolio.com.


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