Display monthly increment in table


I have this Table, with this columns:

  • Grouped months 
  • Sum Prices by months
  • Mini Chart Horizontal Sum Prices
  • Count of payments by monts
  • Mini Chart Horizontal Count payments



What I need to do, in the sixth column that is empty, is to indicate the percentage of monthly growth.


January: 1033 payments
February: 675 payments

Expected result, for the February monthly growth (%) = (675-1033) / 1033  =  -34%

How can I do this, with a formula?

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Teatrix,

    If you are using Applied Actions to group and aggregate the table columns, you need to use Results References to calculate a ratio or percentage so that the ratio is calculated based on the aggregated values. To calculate a delta change, you would use this formula

         (current value - previous value) / previous value = current value / previous value - 1

    Following your example, you would use Results Reference to refer to the Cantidad Cobros column. 

         &Cantidad Cobros / ARRAY( 0, SLICE(  &Cantidad Cobros,0,-1) ) -1

    ARRAY( 0, SLICE(  &Cantidad Cobros,0,-1) ) shifts the &Cantidad Cobros column down by 1 and to create a column of previous values, where 0 is used as the first value.

    I hope this helps!


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