Disable grey flash/animation when data is changing or buttons are clicked on

It is the grey flash/animation when data is changing. As soon as I click on Next or Previous buttons.
We do digital signage and have this dashboard traversing through all our client's devices/live screenshots.
We have got a device running this dashboard full screen, clicking on the "Next button" every couple of seconds, and would like the change to be seem less, without the flash/animation

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Jaco! We have a setting that should help you accomplish what you need here. 


    1. In Klipfolio's home page, beside your name, select Account from the drop-down list.
    2. On the My Profile page, after Dashboard Options, click Edit.

    You will see an option to turn off Flash Klips when their data updates. 

    For more information please see this help article! https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/216183607-How-do-I-display-a-dashboard-as-a-slideshow-


    Thank you, 


    (Product Manager) 

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