Goal tracking / KPI Tracking

I was looking at different vendors for dashboards, and eventually, I ended up with Klipfolio as I have used you before and you're great on customization... buuut, the one feature I was definitely missing from another vendor was Goal tracking. Databox has it, so you put in the goal for a metric, and then they make the graphs to show if you will reach the goal, they email you updates etc.

This feature would be AWESOME to have in Klipfolio, to make data more actionable. 


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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Christian, thank you for the request. Could you provide some more details about the types of goals that you would like to track? What is a typical time frame for your goals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)? Do you typically set a number that you want to hit or a percentage that you want to increase by? Who typically owns setting the goals, and is someone accountable for reaching the goals?

    Thank you

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    Andrea Weisz

    I would also like this feature. I have different levels of project managers who have different goals depending on level "PM 1" "PM2" etc. I'd like to track their % to monthly or quarterly goal and be able to add in a unique goal per level. 

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