Show values on chart - not showing correctly when exporting as image

I have a series of charts which have the values showing above the bar and in Klipfolio they look fine. In the past I export these klips as an image an compile a list of static reports and the values always look okay.  Today I was working with a chart and when I export it or any previously created chart, the values now appear in a weird font, which makes them unviewable in any sort of presentation.  Did something change, or is there a new setting that I am missing????

This is a big deal as I have to do this for multiple users every month and if I cannot export as image, then I'll have to do a bunch of screen clipping so the values are readable.

UPDATE: This behavior happens when downloading as an image, PDF or emailing the klip.

Previous chart image:

Same chart exported today:

Thanks in advance,


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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Ed,

    Please write in to support@klipfolio.com with your acct details.You can write in or hop on chat and we can review that for you.

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