Feature request: New selection menu for large number of options


I'm building reports where our sales staff can select a specific account to see their subscription payments over time.  The report looks very similar to the one used in this example, but with an additional drop down menu for "account".  My issue is: we have a lot of accounts.  When I click to select an account, there's a very long pause before the account list is displayed.  Klipfolio is obviously working very hard in the background to fetch and present this list.

Which brings me to my feature request!  It would be nice to have a selection menu that can handle large number of options.  And although I'm happy with any solution that achieves this goal, I do have an idea!  How about an interface that works similar to a search bar?  You type a fragment of what you're looking for (for example, "Son"), and it displays all results starting with "Son" in a selection menu.  This is how Netflix, Amazon Video, and Google type-ahead work, and it's pretty effective.





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