Calculating a Percentage of Total using PowerMetrics

Applying filters when creating a calculated PowerMetric opens many options for new and powerful visualizations. In my case I want to see the % of our online chats that receive our offline message instead of reaching someone to chat with.  I already have a Chat PowerMetric tracking my chat data.

I can segment this Chat PowerMetric by chat vs offline message in a bar chart, for example, and further customize using our chart styles.




But I want another view that shows the % of chats that receive offline messages.


To do this I create a new calculated PowerMetric using my existing PowerMetric with the formula


     Chat PowerMetric / Chat PowerMetric


with a filter applied to the numerator that selects only OfflineMessage.



I set the format for this PowerMetric to percentage and with these few easy steps, I get exactly the result I want: the ability to track # of OfflineMessages / # of Chats (expressed as a percentage) over time.


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