How to create a rate, eg Google Analytics Bounce Rate, using instant and calculated PowerMetrics

Klipfolio has lots of prebuilt or instant PowerMetrics to choose from.  Using these in calculated PowerMetrics can allow you to easily build PowerMetrics like bounce rate for Google Analytics.


When creating a PowerMetric first check to see what instant PowerMetrics are available and for Google Analytics there are several. We are constantly adding to this list so check often and see what is new.

Bounce rate is a calculation of bounces divided by sessions.  Both Bounces and Sessions are available in the instant PowerMetrics for Google Analytics so add these PowerMetrics.



Once you have these two PowerMetrics creating bounce rate is easy with calculated PowerMetrics. This is the formula to use in your calculated PowerMetric.

Set the format to percentage and give the new PowerMetric a name.

And now you can track your bounce rate!

Finally, the calculated PowerMetric inherits any dimensions from the underlying PowerMetrics so you can filter and segment it.


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