Count group of values of several columns, per week


Input data

I extract a list of issues from JIRA UI (extract all fields), that is the datasource. This is the structure:

Datestamp (e.g "06/08/2019 03:07:00") | label1 (e.g: "Request type 1") | label2 (e.g: "Request type 1") | label3 (e.g: "Request type 2")

Note label columns are used by JIRA to store multiple labels for one ticket, so if i look for one specific label, it can be in one of the 3 columns, or none.


My goal

I want to make a graph with the week numbers in X (e.g "2019-W31") , the number of occurrence of labels in Y, and one serie for each label (cumulative per week)



This data

Datestamp label1 label2 label3
05-08-2019 02:06 MDS1    
05-08-2019 02:05 MDS2 MDS1  
31-07-2019 14:21 MDS3 MDS1  
30-07-2019 09:57 MDS1 MDS3 MDS2
23-08-2019 09:51 MDS2    

Will give the following graph 


Can you please guide me how to do that?


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