Power Metric Sorting feature

My team is currently using Power Metrics to create a heat map of office schedules and office utilization. This requires of us to have multiple filters; office location, office number, clinician, day of the week, hours occupied. We've managed to display the information which is great! Unfortunately, it is very hard to quickly analyze because there is no sort feature on the columns. If I have my data showing 1 office's schedule for the entire week, it will list them in this order: Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday. There is no way to list them chronologically. Power Metrics is a very useful tool, but it needs more features/capabilities. 


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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Alyssa, thank you for the detailed description of your use case. We are currently designing how sorting will work for PowerMetrics and I will include this use case in our planning. I will get back to you when this when sorting is complete so you can try it out.

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    Robbert Van Der Hulst


    Is sorting members within a PowerMetric already available? I would like the option to just show de top 10 filtered members, from high to low. Now I have to select manually which member I want in the filter.


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