Filtering Google Ads dates range

Hi All,


I think this should be easy, but I'm struggling at some point that I´m not aware of. I'm trying to show the total cost of Googls Ads campaigns at a specific date range in a Gauge component. Here is what I'm doing:

Gauge elements:

Current Value = SUM(@Cost)

   - To this Current Value I added a Hidden Data = @Day (this column is in Input Format "yyyy-M-d")
      - To this Hidden Data I created a date filter: Star Date = on and after $gAdsStartDay AND End Date = on and before $gAdsEndDay

Target Value = 100,000

Min Value = 0

Max Value = Sum(@Cost)



User Input Control:

    - Date Start: Control Type = Date Picker | Output Format = Unix time (as seconds) | Variable = gAdsStartDay

User Input Control 2:

    - Date End: Control Type = Date Picker | Output Format = Unix time (as seconds) | Variable = gAdsEndDay


At this point the Gauge meter shows 0.00 value and nothing happens when a try to change the Filters.


I've tried to change de Input Format of the Hidden Data to Unix time, but didn't work. Also tried to change de Output Format of the Filters (Date pickers) to "yyyy-M-d" and got nothing too.


Any ideas? As I said this might be easy, but I can't figure it out.


Thanks a lot!


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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Luiz,

    Thanks for reaching out! Glad to hear from you! :) Remove the SUM from the Current Value and just have @cost in there. You need to make sure that all your components (Current Value and Hidden Data ) align if you're using the Hidden Data component to filter on dates - they need to have the same number of entries. Right now you have more entries in the Hidden Data than the Current Value because SUM returns a single number.

    Once you have just @cost for Current Value, you would hover over it on the left panel, to get the 3-dot menu. Click on the 'Show as Aggregated Value' option and select the aggregation type as SUM. 

    Does that help?

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    Luiz Godoy

    Hi Rahul,


    Thank you very much for your help. It did work very well!

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