How to use the Today Filter option


I have a set of dates with this format: dd/MM/yyyy and I´m tring to use the Yesterday filter option.

I have tried the following options with no results, can some one give me a hand?

1) Convert the dates into unix using date() function with no results

2) In properties conver the date imput using the custom option dd/MM/yyyy, output option dd/MM/yyyy and aply filter with no results

any ideas?


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Alejandro,

    You do not need to convert your dates to Unix format. If the formula returns dates in dd/MM/yyyy format (for example,14/08/2019), go to the Properties tab and ensure Format = Date/Time and Input Format = dd/MM/yyyy (Display Format can be anything you like). Then set the Filter Condition to Yesterday. Format If you still do not get the results you need, please let us know what type of klip you are building, the formula you are using (may be just a data reference) and a sample of the data. 

    Thank you,

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