How do I hardcode a variable?

I have a dashboard that utilizes a custom user property - let's call it ID. For almost all of my users, I set their ID when I create their account, and the klips use that ID to load information specific to that user. This setup works wonderfully.

Now, however, I have a client that needs to have 2 IDs assigned. 

What I want to do is create 2 custom ID dashboards for this user, and for each one,  somehow set the $ID property within the dashboard instead of pulling it from the user's account information. In this way, I can add the user to a special group that has visibility into these 2 customized dashboards. Is there a way to do this? Or should I be doing something differently?





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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Trudy,

    Are the dashboards exactly the same? i.e: Its the same dashboard but you want to toggle between 2 different IDs? If so, you can have multiple values for the same variable and you can have a simple userinput control that toggles between the two just for this User:


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    Trudy Voorhees

    Hi Rahul - 

    Thanks for your reply - I had no idea I could use a comma-separated list for a user variable. That changes things! Thanks for including the screencast. 

    I'm going to play with this and see if I can make it work for my situation. 


    Thanks so much!




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