Improve login experience of first user after a long period

Right now, when a user logs in after a relatively long period, there may be data sources that are beyond their refresh period, whether that is 4 hours or 15 minutes.  At present, as I understand it, all data sources are cleared at that time and refreshed, which means that the user may be subject to a significant delay in data display.  Although I recognize that both the priority refresh and the warm up refresh can help with that, neither one can eliminate it entirely.  This is also not simply a first-of-the-day issue.  If a particular customer doesn't have a lot of users, it is easy for them to be in a situation where multiple users may log in at different intervals throughout the day and experience this problem.  Rather than clearing the data sources, the first-login refresh should behave just like a normal refresh: allow the dashboard to render based on the currently cached data and put all the static data sources and dynamic data source instances into the queue for refresh.  Once each refreshes, the Klips will automatically update.  

This will be a substantially better user experience.  As it stands, one of my clients has 15 minute refresh set on all data sources, which means that the same user could potentially log in every hour on the hour and, if no one else has been logged in for the last 15-20 minutes, that user would have to wait for many data sources to refresh before getting any data displayed.


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