Modelled datasources- you owe it to yourself!


From simple excel sheets to complicated XML files, data comes in many shapes and sizes. Some data structures are easy to work with, while others may seem less friendly to the average user (yes JSON files! I am talking about you!).

The unique modeller feature in Klipfolio allows you to re-shape your data, creating a clean, easy-to-work-with data source. And the best part about it- you only need to do it once!

Life before modelled data sources

In order to fulfill the purpose of the component, data needs to be narrowed-down and aligned using formulas and filters. This process will then be repeated across all Klips.

Regardless of the type of component that is being used, Klipfolio organizes the underlying information in a table-like structure, with each sub-component represented as a column.

What is a modelled data source?

A model is a transpose of the original data source; a re-shaped copy of the data. It is also updated every time the underlying data source is refreshed. It mimics the “column building” process described above, creating a simple, easy-to-read data table.

Modelled data sources are the foundation of PowerMetrics. In order to easily toggle between different visualizations, timeframes and data shapes, the underlying data has to be modelled.

I am currently using only Klips. Why do I need a modelled data source?

Using modelled data sources with Klips can be beneficial in several cases:

  • Re-shaping data     JSON and XML are two popular data formats used by many services. However, this tree-like structure can be more difficult to read than tabular data formats. Luckily, Klipfolio’s modeller can convert those files into a table, making them easier to work-with.

  • Cleaning-up data     Sometimes, data returned by various services does not match your specifications and requires some manipulation. While functions and applied actions in Klips can be of great help, models allow you to modify the data once, and use the newly created data across multiple Klips.

  • Combining multiple sheets     You may choose to organize your data in a single excel file, with the data being segmented across multiple sheets. Although Klipfolio supports a multi-sheet view in regular data sources, a modelled data source can be used to conveniently funnel multiple sheets in to a single, “master” data source. 

Modelled data source can also be used to merge two separate data sources. 


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