Allow multiple Klipfolio accounts linked to one email

We are providing dashboards to customers that might already use Klipfolio. Thus we cannot invite them to join our account and they need to create a separate email, which is not user friendly.

It would be useful if the same email could be used and after login, the user can then choose the account that should be loaded. 


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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi There! 

    Thank you for this request. I am interested in learning a bit more about your use case and have a couple of follow up questions. 

    1) How often do you run into an issue where a user you want to invite to your account already has an account with Klipfolio associated with their work email?

    2) What kind of experience would you anticipate to see once that user logs in? Looking for your ideal user experience. 

    Thanks in advance!

    Caileigh (Product Manager) 

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    Maxim Verbruggen

    Hi Caileigh


    1) we just started using Klipfolio, so I can not yet tell how likely it is to happen. But it currently occurred in 2 cases:

    * we share dashboards with inhabitants of homes with solar panels. One of those people already had a Klipfolio account registered on his email (used for another service), so this would require him to create another one for our dashboards, which is not that user friendly. I would assume this does not happen.

    * A second case would occur more often. example: We sell applications A and B and use Klipfolio for both to provide additional dashboards. Application A and B are used in the same industry, so sometimes the same client will buy both applications. Within that company the applications will still be used separately, so merging the Klipfolio dashboards in one client would not be correct. So this creates the need to create 2 Klipfolio clients for the 2 applications. While most of the people will only need access to one of the 2 clients, there are some people (higher management) that are interested in the results of both applications and thus should have access to both Klipfolio clients dashboards. This currently requires 2 emails.

    2) another dashboard tool that we use, solves this in the following way:

    1. login on main login page    2. after login, a display pops up that shows the clients where your email is registered 3. you select the client and those Klipfolio dashboards are loaded

    When logged in for a specific client, you have an option to switch the clients, which will reload the page and redirect you to the other client account. There we would be no need to combine dashboards/data of the multiple clients.


    Let me know if my examples are clear! :)






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    Caileigh Simpson

    Maxim - thank you for this very detailed description of different use cases! Very helpful and also helps me create a detailed case for the feature. We do not have immediate plans to implement a feature that solves for this right now, but I will keep this in mind as we continue on throughout this quarter. I will reach out if there are any other questions that arise! Thanks again. 

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