Add new visibility option "exclude from CSV export"

I have a number of Klips like this one, that have drill set up, as well as multiple columns that are used only for filtering.  The filtering columns are hidden.

When this Klip is exported to CSV, it includes the text of the drill information in the CSV, along with the filtering columns.  I added two more hidden columns, Student Name and Course Name, that are hidden from the Klip but included in the CSV.  This at least gets the end-user a column that only has the names, without the drill information. 

Unfortunately, however, the drill information and filtering columns are still there, which is less than ideal:

Student Name Student Course Name Course % Complete Last View Email Address Security Filter Group Filter Threshold Filter Visible & Impacts Progress
Aaron Dworkin Aaron Dworkin|#tab-reuse-c53b932e4zzz7a77b0ba694a2a9a4eda?param:selectedStudentId=-7629999 Mastering Customer Success Key Concepts Mastering Customer Success Key Concepts|#tab-reuse-3764df296dzzzzzc6e0a1bfed08abf43?param:selectedCourseId=309999 0.214286 Mar 29, 2019, 6:10 PM Aaron.Dworkin@big.co todd@sh.co -1002 0.214286 2

It would be very helpful if the visibility section of the column properties also had a check box for 'exclude from CSV export'.  That way, I could hide the Student Name and Course Name & 4 filtering columns from the Klip display, while hiding the Student & Course drill columns and the filtering columns from the export.

And, don't worry - all the data shown is fake.

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    Your MarketMetrics Admin

    I need this functionality as well. The hidden columns in a table should not be included in download - they are hidden from the user for a reason! At the moment I've had to turn off all download capability so as not to compromise anyone's anonymity. 


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