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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    Hi Maggie, 

    Your use case may be well suited for Klipfolio PowerMetrics.  Have you discovered and experimented with this part of Klipfolio?  Amongst other things, PoweMetrics are an analytics data store that allows you to load the count of things in a fixed time period and capture them over time.  If you set up a daily count of first-degree connections from Linkedin, overtime PowerMetrics stores and makes the data available over whatever time period (s) you have been collecting. i.e. after a month, you'd have connections per day, week, month etc.

    You can then create and configure a PowerMetric view on your dashboard.

    Additionally, Klipfolio offers a comprehensive list of pre-built LinkedIn PowerMetrics that you can try without having to build anything manually to get the idea.

    There is a great list of these on Metrics HQ here https://www.klipfolio.com/metrics/services/linkedin

    Have fun, and email support@klipfolio.com if you have specific issues or questions.


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