how to do make bar/line chart for this data?

I want to create a bar/line chart with the data presented in the excel sheet( right now it is empty but soon we fill the data). As you see the data is aligned chronologically and I have to represent this data in a bar graph ( I have more than 40 sheets containing the same format. Thus, I can not transform it). The problem here is that I am unable to select all data at ones and in addition to it I have to apply filters on the bases of the fields presented in the first row.

I transform the data and created a bar graph.



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    Meggan King


    Thanks for reaching out in the community. This question might be best handled by the support team - support@klipfolio.com


    Is the problem that you want to change the columns selected based on your user input control? So right now in your example you have the columns selected based on Hungerstation. If you change the user input, the formula would need to know which column to select based on your option. This will be complex, however it could be done if you created a mapping file to indicate which columns go with each type.

    Hungerstation, Column B, Column C, Column D, Column E

    Jahez, Column F,  Column G, Column H, Column I

    For all your options. Then you could use the DATASOURCE function to fill in which columns to select. 


    Is it possible to change your data at all? Even repeating Hungerstation for each column, repeating Jahez for each column, etc. 




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