Scheduling emails for non-Klipfolio users


I am writing to see if there's a way to schedule emails to user that are not registered to Klipfolio. Is it mandatory for users to be registered on Klipfolio to receive emails?

I would like an option to be able to send emails to customers who are not Klipfolio users, without having to register them on Klipfolio.


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    Meggan King


    Thanks for your question! You can send an email to any user - they do not have to be a registered Klipfolio user. If you wish to schedule an email, then you are limited to Klipfolio users only. This ensures you don't accidentally start sending off sensitive material to an incorrect email address. You can always schedule an email to go to your own account and have it automatically forwarded to non-Klipfolio users. Many of our plans offer unlimited users, so it often isn't a problem to just add in a user by email address, just so they can have the scheduled report - even if they don't plan on signing into the dashboards. 


    Hopes this helps!


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