Help! My data source failed to refresh.

Troubleshooting a Data Source Failure

Data sources can fail for a number of reasons. Thankfully, the system lets us see why it failed. 


The first thing you will notice when a data source fails is the red exclamation on your Klip. If you’ve hidden the Klip title, this icon will only display if you hover over it

Clicking the red icon will open up a list of data sources which have failed to refresh:


The data source name is a clickable link, so click it to see more details.

You’ll need to go to the Refresh Info option to see the Error Log for the data source. 


Each error in red is a clickable link. Clicking the link will open a pop-up with specific details about the problem your data source is having. 


Good to know

  • If a data source fails, the system will continue to try to refresh it but at a reduced rate
  • If a data source becomes disabled, you can manually re-enable it and fix the underlying issue
  • A data source only refreshes if you are active in the account, you have refresh warm-up power-up in your account, a scheduled report is set-up to go out, or the data source is part of a PowerMetric
  • If your data source is regularly hitting the 10MB size limit, you can upgrade your account to a larger data source size
  • If your data source fails and is based on an OAuth token, the quickest first step may be to re-authorize the token. You can do that from the Connected Accounts page

Helpful Knowledge base docs for understanding data source refresh failures:

Why are my data sources not refreshing (article)

About data source refresh (article)

Understanding data source refresh failures and error codes

Managing OAuth tokens

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    Caileigh Simpson
    Hi There!

    I wanted to let you know that a new feature has been released in which data source monitoring has been made easier. 

    If there's a data source error or errors, a red icon will display in the side nav beside Data Sources. If you click the icon you will go to the Data Source list page, where you can find red icons beside the the offending data source (may be more than one).  Click the error icon  to go to that particular data source details page. If there is red text there you can click it to see the error and attempt resolve it. 

    Please let me know if you have any feedback after using the feature!

    Thank you, 


    (Product Manager)

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