Sunset of the Average Position Metric in Google AdWords and Google Ads APIs

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up that Google AdWords and Google Ads APIs are deprecating the average position metric on September 30, 2019. For more detailed information and to find out what you need to do, please visit the Google Ads Developer Blog.

What’s changing and what do I need to do?

After September 30, 2019, requests for average position metric will return NULL values. In the AdWords API v201809, NULL values are returned as two dashes.

Action required

In lieu of the average position metric, Google recommends the use of the new metrics of Impression (Absolute Top) % and Impression (Top) %. These are the new metrics.

Absolute Top Metrics (AdWords API)


  • AbsoluteTopImpressionPercentage



  • SearchAbsoluteTopImpressionShare



  • SearchBudgetLostAbsoluteTopImpressionShare



  • SearchRankLostAbsoluteTopImpressionShare

Top Metrics (AdWords API)


  • TopImpressionPercentage



  • SearchTopImpressionShare



  • SearchBudgetLostTopImpressionShare



  • SearchRankLostTopImpressionShare

For further information regarding the most suitable metric for your use case, please visit the Google Ads Developer Blog.

As a result of the changed metrics, you will need to reconfigure your existing Google AdWords data sources and update the queries to reflect the replacement metric for average position. 

After you’ve saved your data source with the replacement metric for average position, you will need to edit any modelled data sources and Klip formulas that use the modified data source to repoint to the correct column selection within the new output.

Let us know if you have any further questions. We are here to help!


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