Create a Target or Baseline In a Bar/Line Chart

1. Add a new series to your Bar/Line chart

2. Use the REPEAT() function to repeat the value you need
3. Use the COUNT() function wrapped around your Results Reference of the X-axis to count the number of points we need to repeat our value

4. Modify the Series' type into a "Line" via the Properties, and play around with the styling

**Another useful scenario would be to use the Average revenue or Average values of your main series, to calculate your Target value or Baseline value:

Useful Reference Links:
How to build a bar/line chart component
How to build a trendline in a bar/line chart


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    Fendra Limited admin

    That works if the target is the same for every month.  What about if it is different?  I've come across this with two customers so far and haven't found a workaround they will accept.

    I can create a dot for the target by combining chart types a bit like you've done there, but can't create a line, so it's not easy to see.  Also can't stop Klipfolio from "connecting the dots" whenever I hover over with the mouse.

    Any solution?

    Example mock up (imagine this is "Sales v Target for February 2020"):

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    Janice Janczyn


    If you want each of these bars to have separate targets, without the connect-the-dots when hovering, you could try separate gauge klips. Would that work for this scenario?


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