Table columns not counting blanks

Hi - I've been trying multiple ways to have my table populate the data properly. In short, my table is counting the number of non-blank numerical or text values in the column. 

Each column is broken down by a row that denotes the date associated with the value. Some days do not have any data in said columns thus it is populating blank values. Is there a way I can have the table populate a 0 if there is no data counted in that column for that date?

Right now my formula is simply X:X with aggregation set to Count. If I attempt to make the formula COUNT(X:X) , no data is populated in the table. 





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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Kevin,

    I assume that the other columns each point to a column in your datasource, is that correct? And your table is grouped by the Day column?  If so, because the COUNT function returns a single value, this won't align with the other columns in your table. Note that you can set a filter to exclude the header row in your data and this will eliminate the blank row at the top. If I understand your scenario correctly, you should be able to point to column X and set the Aggregation to Count. What is the format of the Readers Provided column? it should be set to Text. Are the non-blank rows showing correct results? 


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    Kevin Burke

    Hi Janice,

    The column is a list of numbers (i.e. 1, 1.25, 1.50) based off the prescription given for the pair of glasses.

    I am trying to count how many glasses were purchased based off counting these values. However, if say on 10/1/2019 , there are only blanks (meaning no purchases) then the column should display 0. Right now it is just blank yet the other days that have purchases are displaying the count properly

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