Carriage Return in Table


I am currently trying to add a carriage return in one of the tables I am building. 

Background: using SQL to pull in data from Salesforce - where the data is properly formatted (see below)

  However when I pull the data into a table it comes through as 

 NOTE: Background color is intentional 

I looked through the source code and it uses "\n" to indicate a carriage return, I thought it was supposed to be "<br>" or "<p>" to indicate a carriage return. I tried making this adjustment in the source code, but was unsuccessful. 

Has anyone run into this issue before, or have a solution? Would be greatly appreciative of any help, and can provide more information if needed.




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    Ben Crawford

    Update, I am able to create the table in the format I want through the HTML Klip. However it is not dynamic ie: will not update when new information comes in.


    Is there a way to write the carriage return / line break code into the formula bar? My data is formated so that every time there is a "-" there should be a line break.

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