How to use specific dates in between function? Or what other function I can use to display data from a specified interval?


how can I use the BETWEEN function to display some data between two specific dates (I do not what the dates to change), e.g. between May 16th 2019 and June 15th 2019?

I am used to using the function like this:


but on one klip I need to display data from a specified time interval and I do not want this interval to move.


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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Dominika,

    You can hard-code the dates and convert them to Unix format using the DATE function, for example,

         BETWEEN( DATE(@F:F;,"yyyy-MM-dd"), DATE( 2019-05-16, "yyyy-MM-dd"), DATE( 2019-06-15, "yyyy-MM-dd") )



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