Sales targets for multiple months

Hi guys, 

I would like to create a graph where the user can input several values for a couple of months. These values should be considered the target values to attain by the end of the month. They should also be able to be different from one another.

I've found out how to do it for the current month but when I try to make a bargraph or a table where the user can input his own targets for multiple months, I cannot figure it out.

Is this possible? I have not found any examples online which do this.

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Patrick,

    You can either build 1 UI control per month (e.g., current, month previous, 2 months previous, etc) or 1 UI that takes a comma-separated list of values. If you choose the latter approach, wrap the ARRAY function around the variable when you reference it.

    The following example will set monthly targets in the order of the values given.

         single UI control (Control Type = Text Field) sets the monthlyTargets variable
              user inputs a string of comma-separated values:  10,15,20,20,25,15

         bar/line chart
              X Axis: ARRAY( "May 2019,Jun 2019,Jul 2019,Aug 2019,Sep 2019,Oct 2019")

              Target series: ARRAY($monthlyTargets)


    I hope this helps!


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