HubSpot – Scope Changes Coming Nov 19, 2019

Hey everyone,

HubSpot has added a new scope named sales-email-read and this will be required to get the details for any email engagements going forward. Requests to the Engagements API using access token needs to have this scope. Therefore, we’ve updated our connector to add this scope. All we need you to do is re-authorize your token.

Steps to Follow:

1.Log into your Klipfolio account. 
2.From the left NavBar, click your name and select Account.
3.Select the Connected Accounts tab.

4. Select your HubSpot Account token and click “Re-Authorize”.

5. You may be prompted by HubSpot to login. On the HubSpot page choose an account and you will be redirected back to your previous page in Klipfolio. The "Last Authorized" date will have been updated.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


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