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So I am struggeling with a simple formula which doesn't seem to work..

I want the average of an column from a quarter . Its scores, so i want the average of the total scores (8.4, 8.5, 10 etc.) over this quarter. The formula i am using :

AVERAGE(DATE_STARTOF( DATE( B:B , "MM/dd/yyyy" ), "quarter"),D:D;)


The result I get is a string of all the scores. Not an average. Could someone help me out? I know this is something small..

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Robin,

    Please refer to the Klipfolio functions article for a description of all the functions and their parameters. Use DATE_IN to determine whether a date is in a certain timeframe and the AVERAGEIF function to calculate the average of values based on a condition. For your case,

         AVERAGEIF( DATE_IN( DATE( B:B, "MM/dd/yyyy" ), quarter ), D:D )

    Thank you,

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