How to add PowerMetrics Dashboard to Klip Dashboards to cycle through?


Sorry if this has already been asked, but I've been tasked with finding a dashboard to merge our Marketing and Sales KPI's for visibility on TV's around our business. 

I've managed to get the Marketing requirements sorted via Klips Dashboards, and I love the way they cycle through on fullscreen mode - however, I'm having issues with our sales KPI's. 

We work on very manually at the minute, and aren't in a position to purchase plug-ins such as Salesforce etc. to effectively, and automatically pull through these details. 

We would also like to share key details on new tenders and when our team are on site visits. I have therefore used the ability to add images and text on the PowerMetrics dashboards. However, I would like these to cycle through too when we have them up on the TV, but I can't find a way of adding that PowerMetrics dashboard to the Klips dashboard. 

Please help! 

Thanks, Emma


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