Totaling from multiple columns

I have a table where I am counting SKUs in three separate columns from a CSV file. I also need a column that is the total number of SKUs from those three columns.

Column U , X, and Z are all counting correctly. However, the formula U:U + X:X + Z:Z is actually counting all the records. I'm not sure why the individual columns ignore blanks but the totaled column is counting blanks. If I filter out blanks on this column, all the of data in the rest of the columns disappear.

I've tried doing ARRAY with no luck

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    Janice Janczyn

    Hi Kevin,

    It sounds like you have grouped the Clinic Name column and the aggregation for the other columns is COUNT.  I can't see the data in columns U, X or Z, but if the goal is to count these, you do not want to add them together. You could add the results of the individual column counts using Results References (&). If this isn't what you are trying to achieve, please email support@klipfolio.com with more details about your scenario.

    Thank you,

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